Slots with Cluster Payouts and How They Operate

Many new features have recently been implemented to improve upon the standard fare of online gaming. Among the many innovative features introduced by NetEnt to the slot machine industry, cluster payouts slots (also known as grid slots) stand out as one of the most intriguing. Slot players are beginning to warm up to cluster pays games because of their distinct advantages.

Given their long history, it is not surprising that slot games have advanced so far in terms of the technologies employed by slot providers, the methods by which they operate, and more. Players back in the day could win money from slot machines by spinning the reels and stopping on a winning combination of symbols on a single payline.


We at JeffBet have decided to write this post to explain what cluster pays slots are and how they are different from standard online slots for the benefit of anyone interested in playing them. Simply put, cluster pay slots are a group of NetEnt games that lack traditional paylines.


Traditional slot machines let you win money by aligning symbols along predetermined paylines. Slot machines that award players for forming clusters of matching symbols are called “cluster pays” machines.


You may try your luck at some of the best collections of cluster pays slots curated by industry leaders right here at JeffBet. Discover everything there is to know about cluster pays slots, including rules, strategies, and more, in this comprehensive guide.

If you’re unfamiliar with Cluster Pays Slots, let me explain.


Slot machines with a Cluster Pays function do away with regular paylines in favor of rewarding players for clusters of matching symbols (usually 5 or 6) that appear adjacent to one another. In slot machines with cluster payouts, it is not necessary for a winning combination to appear on reel 1. Cluster wins, which require matching symbols, are possible at any position on the board.


When NetEnt initially appeared on the iGaming world in 2016, it didn’t just become well-known for its games; it also revolutionized the slots market by producing the first cluster pays slot game, Aloha! Clusters Produce Profit.


Since the release of Aloha! Cluster Pays, set in Hawaii, several other Hawaiian-themed slots and newer variants from leading suppliers have appeared. Different online slots include different additional features, free spins bonus rounds, scatter symbols, mystery symbols, wild symbols, and jackpot payouts, all of which improve upon the original cluster pays notions. After a series of cascading wins or after collecting a certain number of identical symbols, the thrilling additional elements added by some cluster pays become active. Slots like Lost Relics, the Legend of Shangri-La, Twin Spin Deluxe, Reactoonz, Fruitopolis, and more are some of the greatest to play if you’re looking for a game with cluster pays.


The following are the main distinctions between normal slot machines and cluster pays machines:


Cluster pay slots do not use fixed paylines, therefore a player can win at theoretically any position on the playing field.


Cluster pays games provide a number of bonuses centered around the active symbols on the reels, such as expanding reels, destroying symbols, and upgrading systems, in addition to the normal free spins and bonus games featured in most slot machines.


The reels in games that provide cluster payouts are not the typical 5 by 4, which frees up space for additional matching symbols. Extending the reels is a fun and exciting addition to some casino games.


Due to the elimination of fixed paylines by the cluster pays mechanism, winning combos are not restricted to the leftmost reel but can occur anywhere on the playing field.


Just how do Cluster Pays machines function?

Even while the goal is the same in cluster pay slot games as it is in traditional slot machines, landing winning combinations is accomplished in a very different way.


Regardless of where they fall on the reels, on the payline, or in the position, identical symbols will trigger a payout. In order to win, identical symbols must be adjacent to one another and touch either the top or bottom of a reel.


Payouts in slot machines are also determined by the value of symbols. However, bigger cluster sizes on the reels are what you should shoot for if you want to maximize your winnings.


Payouts in slots with a “cluster pays” feature require at least four matching symbols, though this varies depending on the game. The cascade slot mechanism is commonly used in slots with cluster payments. This allows for new cluster symbols to form during the same spin by eliminating winning combinations to make room for them.


Aloha! The best illustration of this special quality is Cluster Pays. Unlike Aloha!, most slot games employ paylines and do not generate winning combos in the same way. Clusters Produce Profit.


All possible winning combinations in this game form clusters, thanks to the cluster rewards mechanism. Any group of nine or more symbols will result in a reward for the player. In this scenario, a cluster of nine symbols yields the following payouts: five for the low-win symbols (the teal seashell, coconut, wildflower, and pineapple); twenty for the blue and green Tiki poles; thirty for the red Tiki pole. As was seen, the highest paying symbols can award as much as a cluster of 30 symbols.


In order to trigger bonus rounds, scatter symbols, and wild cards in a conventional payline slot game, cluster pays slots often use a “feature metre.” If the meter reaches a certain height, a feature will be unlocked or the slot game’s bonus round will begin.


This variation of slot machine often includes more symbols than a classic payline slot, but the types of symbols that occur are the same.


Landing high-paying symbols, or symbols, means receiving a larger payout.

Symbols that pay less once they’re landed are called “low-paying symbols.”

Symbols that can be used in lieu of others (other than scatter symbols) are referred to as “wilds.”

Free games and other bonuses can be activated by a combination of scatter symbols appearing in the same spin.

Cluster Pays Slot Machine Varieties


The following are examples of common cluster payouts slot machine types:


Wild Wins Slots

The avalanche (cascading or tumbling symbols) mechanism is used in most slots with cluster payouts. Wining symbols vanish in cascading reel slots, clearing the way for fresh symbols to fall freely into place. This exclusive to NetEnt keeps going as long as you keep landing winning combinations, giving you extra chances to win.


Wild Cards

Wild symbols in slots might appear at random during the normal game or the bonus game. One random wild may appear after every 100 spins, up to four may appear during free spins, and it all depends on the slot game and the supplier.


Slot Machines with Massive Cluster Payouts

Megacluster pays slots are an advanced form of cluster pays games. The Australian developer Big Time Gaming came up with the novel idea of megaclusters. With this new mechanism, the grid size is increased dramatically, giving players a better chance to make winning combinations. Modifiers and bonus rounds are included right in for your gaming pleasure.


Cluster Pays Slots at JeffBet: How to Play?

It is common knowledge that in cluster pay slots, there are no fixed paylines that must be lined up with symbols of the same kind in order to win.


To begin, choose your wager size and hit the spin button. In order to maximize your chances of winning at a cluster pay slot machine, you need align a specified number of identical symbols in a row, either vertically or horizontally. As was previously mentioned, the normal minimum number of matching symbols for the cluster payouts mechanic to kick in is 5. You can still check the paytable to see if any of the machines have lower or higher minimum requirements.


Multiple additional features and games are available in cluster pay slots to help players generate winning combinations. When a player gets a string of wins in a slot machine, the winning symbols disappear and are replaced by new symbols, a feature known as a cascade.


In other games, special symbols or modifiers are used to help build winning combinations. These can include expanding wilds, deleting identical symbols, or swapping the positions of all symbols across many rows or columns.


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Undoubtedly, the cluster payout mechanism stands out as a novel aspect of slot machines. Although the cluster payouts feature is relatively new, it has quickly gained popularity in online casinos due to the novelty, randomness, and increased winning potential it provides. with addition, the excitement of playing is amplified with cluster pays slots since paylines are replaced by clusters of matching symbols.


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